Saturday, September 30, 2006

Libra - Friendship Compatibility - Libra and Cancer

When Cancer and Libra form a friendship, they each supply what the other is lacking. Both Signs are looking for security in their close alliances, and they share an appreciation for beauty and luxury. The two can get along well if they share respect and a common goal. This friendship may start slowly, and at first the two may seem to have little in common. The more they get to know each other, however, the better each person will recognize and respect positive qualities in the other.

Cancer and Libra both appreciate emotional and intellectual resources, and they're both suckers
for the sentimental. Emotion and happiness are important to both Signs, and they complement
each other in many ways. Cancer appreciates Libra's charm and diplomacy, and Libra can tame
the wild shrew Cancer becomes when they don't get their way. Libra appreciates the Cancerian
love of nurturing and the security that comes with it. Additionally, Libra can help Cancer see the
different sides of a situation, rather than making a decision without knowing all the facts.
Conversely, Cancer can help cure Libra of their notorious indecision.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Libra by the Planet Venus. These friends share a love of home,
hearth and family. Libra, especially, is about balance, and both share nurturing personalities and
a desire for harmony. Together they are able to bring warmth and stability to their friendship like no other pair can. Librans can be snobbish, and Cancer may get their feathers ruffled easily.
Cancer is based on emotion, and Libra is based on intellect.

Cancer is a Water Sign, and Libra is an Air Sign. Libra approaches life as a pure mental
exploration, while Cancer is more kinesthetic in their attitude. Cancer is happiest when their
emotional needs are met, while Libra focuses on what things in life interest them from an
intellectual standpoint. At times, these two may have a hard time understanding one another.
Conflicts can arise if Cancer seems too crabby or Libra lets their charm lead rather than making
intelligent, informed choices. Both need to learn that they view the world in different ways.
Cancer and Libra are both Cardinal Signs. In this friendship, both will constantly struggle to be at the steering wheel. Libra's indecision may irritate Cancer. Libra is skilled at seeing all sides of a problem, so they are often able to accept Cancer's decisions as long as Cancer avoids getting
Crabby. Both are initiators, which can, at times, be a struggle when their ideas and approach

The best aspect of the Cancer-Libra friendly connection is their mutual appreciation of stability
and balance. Their similar tastes and ambitions makes theirs a friendship of great dedication and harmony.