Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Horoscope For The Week Starting August-24

ARIES (March 21-April 19): “Baksheesh” is a term derived from the Persian term for “gift.” Among travelers in the Third World, it has several meanings, among which are these: (1) bribes paid to authorities to get them to stop hassling you; (2) tips given to strangers who insist on being of assistance by, say, opening a door for you even if you don’t want them to. I believe baksheesh will soon serve as an apt metaphor for you, Aries. Be ready to offer compensation to people in order to get them to both stop bothering you and stop “helping” you. (P.S.: The compensation you give may not necessarily be in the form of cash. It could be flattery, presents, or useful information.)

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): The biggest food fight on the planet will soon take place. More than 20,000 lunatic combatants will gather in the Spanish town of Buñol to hurl 45 tons of overripe tomatoes and other veggies at each other. Maybe you should book a flight there, Taurus. You’d do yourself a big favor by indulging in senseless but harmless mayhem that allows you to lose control in the name of fun. Nothing would be more healing than a big dose of maniacal fervor.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Russ Kick searches for messy facts that lie half-hidden beneath the official versions of reality. In his two volumes entitled 50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know, he reveals, for example, that most corporations don’t pay federal income taxes, George Washington embezzled government money, a third of all American homeless men are military veterans, and Shakespeare filled his plays with sexual references. Russ Kick is your role model, Gemini. May he inspire you to find out about at least three things you’re not “supposed” to know. May you adopt his brazen approach as you breeze in to off-limits areas to get the scoop on tantalizing truths that have been missing in action.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Throughout history there have been secret schools that don’t advertise their existence. To enroll, students must either be invited or else stumble on them by chance. In post-Renaissance Europe, for example, Rosicrucian mystery schools taught an esoteric form of Christianity at odds with the Church. Seventeenth-century English poet Andrew Marvell and his cohorts had their underground School of the Night, and ancient Greek poet Sappho stealthily gathered young women at her Moisopholon, “House of the Muses.” In recent years the Sexy Bratty Genius School has periodically convened classes at 3 a.m. under a highway overpass in San Francisco. According to my reading of the current omens, Cancerian, you’re close to making contact with a similar source of teaching. Whether you end up actually matriculating depends on how you answer the question, “Do you want to learn about things you’ve considered impossible?”

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Psychologists Ed Diener and Martin E.P. Seligman cite 150 studies that suggest economic factors have little to do with happiness levels. For example, the Masai of Kenya, whose per capita income is under $300 a year, are as satisfied with their lives as the 400 wealthiest plutocrats in America. People living in the slums of Calcutta are slightly less filled with well-being, but not much. Your assignment, Leo, is to explore the personal implications of this. Can you get to the point where you truly feel that your ability to enjoy life has little to with how much money you have?

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Philosopher George Gurdjieff declared that most of us are essentially asleep, even as we walk around in broad daylight. We’re ignorant about the higher levels of awareness we’re capable of; we’re blind to the continuous flow of life’s miraculous blessings. He said that in order to wake up and stay awake we need regular shocks. Some of these are uncomfortable, forcing us to face our own stupidity. But other shocks are delightful. They’re doses of sacred medicine that entice us to shake off our sleepiness and come to attention in pleasurable ways. I believe that in the coming weeks you’ll be offered a steady supply of the latter.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): At the BFD concert near San Francisco in June, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ lead singer Karen O screamed for two minutes and 17 seconds straight. (I timed it.) I recommend that you set aside some quality time in the next two weeks to experiment with big outbreaks of self-expression that resemble hers. It’s the Purge and Purify Season for you—a time when you should indulge in high-spirited activities that exorcise your demons, wash your brain, and incite toe-curling, sweat-inducing, soul-animating catharses.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): An artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico built a replica of England’s famous Stonehenge. But instead of using huge slabs of rock to mimic the original, Adam Horowitz erected his spectacular monument with 200 old refrigerators. Hence its name: Stonefridge. This would be a perfect time for you to draw inspiration from his efforts, Scorpio. Create your own personal imitation of a resource you love—a beautifully funky, playfully accessible substitute for a marvel that is impossible for you to own or control.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): As I contemplate your week ahead, I can’t help but think of the Butthole Surfers’ song “Pepper”: “They were drinking from a fountain / that was pouring like an avalanche / coming down the mountain.” Are you ready for much, much more of everything that interests and stimulates you, Sagittarius? Can you imagine what you’d have to do to expand your capacity for big emotions and provocative sensations? Of course not: No one can be fully prepared for an avalanche. But do the wildest best you can, and your lust for life will provide you with all the intuitions you need.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): It’s Fake Smile Week. On the one hand, that means you should be on guard for people who are pretending to feel better than they actually do. I urge you to forgive them for their deception, but don’t get derailed by it. On the other hand, you yourself should put on a happy face as a disguise when you’re not sure what exactly is going on. In other words, it’s best to act agreeable until you gather all the information necessary to make a sound decision. Is the advice I’m offering hypocritical? Only if you use it to serve your narrow self-interests. But if you’re intent on doing what’s best for all concerned, my counsel is ethically impeccable.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): At the Coachella music festival, I found myself next to a guy sporting a rainbow mohawk and wearing a red, white, and blue speedo, black socks, golf shoes, a striped necktie, angel wings, a red clown nose, and a battered hard hat with a sticker that read “Martinis and brown rice.” At one point he turned to me and said, “You know what I like most about being an Aquarius? It’s a never-ending opportunity to send out mixed messages in a friendly, non-manipulative way.” That got me to thinking about how most of us are addicted to thinking in simplistic categories and obsessed with making sense. Sending out mixed messages, therefore, can be valuable if it’s done in a spirit of compassionate play, because it subverts those bad habits. Of all the signs in the zodiac, you Aquarians do this best. I hope you ply your specialty lavishly in the coming weeks. People in your life have an acute need to get their certainties scrambled.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You’ve entered the Intimacy Intensification Season. Are you ready to dive deeper into the mysteries of togetherness? If so, you’ll meet provocative candidates for future alliances, and people you already know and love will become more available. As you can imagine, it’ll be crucial for you to study the truths of your own heart with ruthless honesty. There’ll be no excuse for getting tangled up with so-called “pleasures” that don’t really activate your most fervent zeal. Exercise extreme discrimination, please, even as you seek out thrills that make you brilliantly crazy.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Persons born in Pisces or Meena sign will be fair, stout and moderately tall. Pisces are reserved in their manners and are liable to draw premature conclusions on any matter. They are God-fearing. Pisces are generally superstitious and religious, rigid in the observance of orthodoxical principles and can forego anything but their orthodoxy; or they can be exactly the opposite. They are somewhat stubborn, rather timid, and ambitious to exercise authority over others. They are true friends and are proud of their educational and other attainments. If the lord of the 7th is badly afflicted, Pisces will have double marriage. They are restless and fond of history, antiquarian talks and mythodox ical masterpieces. Pisces are frugal in spending money and though generally dependent upon others thorough out their life still bear a mark of independence. Pisces are just in their dealings and fear to transgress the laws of truth. With all this, they lack self-confidence.

PISCES SUN : Pearl merchant, peaceful, wealthy, uneventful, religious, prodigal, loved by women.
PISCES MOON : Fixed, dealer in pearls and fond of wife and children, perfect build, long nose, bright body, annihilating enemies, subservient to opposite sex, handsome, learned, steady, simple, good reputation, loose morals, adventurous, many children, spiritually inclined later in life.
PISCES JUPITER : Good inheritance, stout, medium height, two marriages if with malefic, enterprising, political diplomacy, high position.
PISCES MARS : Fair complexion, troubles in love affairs, few children, passionate, restless, antagonistic, exacting, uncertainty of feeling, faithful, unclean, colic, indolent, and willful.
PISCES MERCURY :A dependent, serves others, dexterous, peevish, indolent, petty-minded, respect for goods, and Brahmins.
PISCES VENUS : Witty, tactful, learned, popular, just, ingenious, caricaturist, modest, refined, powerful, exalted, respected, pleasure seeking.
PISCES SATURAN: Clever, pushful, gifted, polite, happy, good, wife trustworthy, scheming, wealthy, helpful.


This "Water Bearer" sign in which the birth of an individual is condemned as the birth lord becomes the lord of the house of loss, has to its credit some of the greatest philosophers and seers. Those born under Aquarius or Kumbha sign will be tall, lean, fairly handsome, manners winning, appearance attractive, disposition elegant. Lips of Aquarius are fleshy, cheeks broad with prominent temples and buttocks. They are highly intelligent and make friends of others very soon. They are peevish and when provoked, rise like a bulldog but their anger is very soon subsided. They are pure in heart and always inclined to help others. They shine very well as writers and good spokesman. They are at times timid. Aquarius feel shy to exhibit their talents but their conversation will be most interesting and highly instructive. They will specialize in subjects like astrology, psychology and healing arts, etc. Literacy greatness of Aquarius will come before the world when they are quite young and they themselves will not be able to estimate their capacities well, while others find in them something remarkable and extraordinary. They are intuitive and good judges of character. Aquarius have no organizing capacity and are devoted to their husbands or wives and never betray the interests of even their enemies, when trust is placed in them. Aquarius are liable to suffer from colic troubles and must take special precautions to safeguard themselves against diseases incidental to exposure to cold weather. On the whole Aquarius people have something subtle in them which endears them to all they come in contact with.

AQUARIUS SUN : Poor, unhappy, unlucky, unsuccessful, medium height, rare faculties, self-esteem.
AQUARIUS MOON : Fair-looking, well-formed body, tall, large teeth, belly low, youngish, sensual, sudden elevations and depressions, pure-minded, artistic, intuitional, diplomatic, lonely, peevish artistic taste, energetic, emotional, esoteric, mystical, grateful, healing power.
AQUARIUS JUPITER : Learned, not rich, controversial figure, philosophical, popular, compassionate, sympathetic, amiable, prudent, humanitarian, melancholic, meditative, dreamy, dental troubles.
AQUARIUS MARS : Unhappy, miserable, poor, not truthful, independent, unwise, wandering, impulsive, controversial, combative, well-versed in dialects, free, quick in forgiving and forgetting, conventional, danger on water, morose, meditative.
AQUARIUS MERCURY : Middle stature, licentious, proud, quarrelsome frank, sociable, rapid strides in life, famous, scholar, cowardly, weak constitution.
AQUARIUS VENUS : Liked by all, middle stature, handsome, affable, persuasive, witty, timid, chaste, calm, helpful and humanitarian.
AQUARIUS SATURN: Practical, able, diplomatic, ingenious, a bit conceited, prudent, happy, reflective, intellectual, philosophical, vanquished by enemies.



Persons born in Capricorn or makara sign will be tall, reddish brown in color with prominent hair on the eye-brows and the chest. Women born in Capricorn will be handsome and youngish in appearance. Capricorn have large teeth and sometimes protruding outside the lips and presenting an uncouth appearance if the second house is afflicted. The lips of Capricorn are fleshy and ladies have an inviting appearance. They have the knack of adopting themselves to circumstances and environments. They have great aspirations in life and cannot economies funds even if they were to be under the influence of adversity. They are modest, liberal and gentlemanly in business transactions. Capricorn are noted for their perseverance and strong mindedness. In fact they are stoical to the miseries of life. They are possessed of sympathy, generosity and philanthropy and take great interest in literature, science and education. Sometimes they are vindictive. When saturn is badly posited, Capricorn are possessed of bigotry. God-fearing and humble they make good husbands or wives. Depending upon the disposition of the 9th house Capricorn can become philosophically minded or develop social consciousness.

CAPRICORN SUN : Mean-minded, stubborn, ignorant, miserly, pushful, unhappy, boring, active, meddlesome, obliging, humorous, witty, affable, prudent, firm.
CAPRICORN MOON : Ever attached to wife and children, virtuous, good eyes, slender waist, quick in perception, clever, active, crafty, somewhat selfish, sagacious, strategic, liberal, merciless, unscrupulous, inconsistent, low morals, niggardly and mean.
CAPRICORN JUPITER : A weak body; not very intelligent. not much stamina or virility; will have to put in much hard labour for low financial returns; He has several low traits of character; will have a little sense of cleanliness or love for his people, or compression and his religious conduct will be low ; he lives at places other than his native one and is timid and melancholy.
CAPRICORN MARS : Rich, high political position, many sons, brave, generous, love for children, middle stature, industrious, indefatigable, successful, penetrating, bold, tactful, respected, generous, gallant, influential.
CAPRICORN MERCURY : Selfless, business tendencies, economical, debtor, inconsistent, low stature, cunning, inventive, active, restless, suspicious, drudging.
CAPRICORN VENUS : Fond of low class women, imprudent, ambitious, unprincipled, licentious, boastful, subtle, learned, weak body.
CAPRICORN SATURAN: Intelligent, harmony and felicity in domestic life, selfish, covetous, peevish, intellectual, learned, suspicious, reflective, revengeful, prudent, melancholy, inheritance from wife's parties.


Sagittarius (Dhanus) Jupiter rules this sign and persons born under this sign will generally be inclined towards corpulence. Sagittarius possesses almond eyes and their hair is brown. They are of a phlegmatic temperament. Sagittarius are somewhat conventional and sometimes business like also. They are prompt and uphold conservative views. They will be attracted towards the study of occult philosophy and sciences. In these departments of knowledge Sagittarius can acquire mastery. They are too callous and enthusiastic. They hate all external show. Sagittarius are God-fearing, honest, humble and free from hypocrisy. They never think of schemes, which are calculated to disturb the progress of others. Sagittarius generally exercise control over their food and drinks but in regard to their relationship with the opposite sex restraint is called for. They are brilliant, their manners affable, winning and hearts, pure. Sagittarius are prone to be misunderstood unintentionally by others on account of their hastiness in conversation. In their later years they must be careful about their lungs as they are liable to suffer from rheumatic pains and the like. Combinations for political power warranting, persons born in Sagittarius sign will exercise power with firmness and justice and without yielding to corruptive influences.

SAGITTARIUS SUN : Short-tempered, spoils, reliable, rich, obstinate, respected by all, happy, popular, religious, wealthy, musician.
SAGITTARIUS MOON : Face broad, teeth large, skilled in fine arts, indistinct shoulders, disfigured nails and arms, deep and inventive intellect, yielding to praise, good speech, upright, help from wife and women, happy marriage, many children, good inheritance, benefactor, patron of arts and literature, ceremonial-minded, showy, unexpected gifts, author, reflective mentality, inflexible to threats.
SAGITTARIUS JUPITER : Pretty inheritance, wealthy, influential, handsome, noble, trustworthy, charitable, good executive ability, weak constitution, artistic qualities, poetic, open-minded, good conversationalist.
SAGITTARIUS MARS : Gentlemanly, many foes, famous minister, statesman, open, frank, pleasure loving, few children, liable to extremes, conservative, indifferent, exacting, impatient, severe, quarrelsome, litigation troubles, good citizen.
SAGITTARIUS MERCURY: Taste in sciences, respected by polished society, tall, well built, learned, rash, superstitious, vigorous, executive, diplomatic, cunning, just, and capable.
SAGITTARIUS VENUS : Medium height, powerful, wealthy, respected, impertinent, generous, frank, happy domestic life, high position, philosophical.
SAGITTARIUS SATURN : Pushful, artful, cunning, famous, peaceful, faithful, pretentious, apparently generous, troubles with wife, courteous, dutiful children, generally happy.


Those born under Scorpio or Vrishchika sign have youthful appearance, a generous disposition and fierce eyes. Scorpio are fickle minded and love much excitement. Scorpio are inclined to sensual things in reality while they will not hesitate to philosophies upon the merits of controlling sensual pleasures. Even females born in Scorpio sign will have more of masculine tendencies. They are good correspondents and invite from among people throughout the world. They can become expert musicians if they care to practice the art. They are proficient in fine arts, dancing and the like and no doubt they have a philosophic disposition. They set at naught conventional habits and customs. They vehemently uphold their own views but nevertheless will not clash with those holding opposite ones. Constitution of Scorpio will be hot and they are liable to suffer from piles after their 30th year. They are silent and dignified and never speak before weighing each and every word. Scorpio are good conversationalists as well as writers and often rely too much on their own intelligence. Married life of Scorpio may not be quite happy not only due to temperamental differences but also due to illness affecting the generative system of the partner, unless there are other compensating combinations.

SCORPIO SUN : Adventurous, bold, fearing thieves and robbers, reckless, cruel, stubborn, unprincipled, impulsive, idiotic, indolent, surgical skill, dexterous, military ability.
SCORPIO MOON : Broad eyes, wide chest, round shanks and thighs, isolation from parents or preceptors, brown complexion, straight-forward, frank, open-minded, cruel, simulator, malicious, sterility, agitated, unhappy, wealthy, impetuous, obstinate.
SCORPIO JUPITER : Tall, som ewhat stooping, elegant manners, serious, exacting, well built, superior air, selfish, imprudent, weak constitution, sub-servient to women, passionate, conventional, proud, zealous, ceremonious, unhappy life.
SCORPIO MARS : Middle stature, clever, diplomatic, positive tendency, indulgent, tenacious memory, malicious, aggressive, proud, haughty, great strides in life.
SCORPIO MERCURY :Short, curly hair, incentive to indulgence, liable to disease of the generative organ, general debility, crafty, malicious, selfish, subtle, indiscreet, bold, reckless.
SCORPIO VENUS :Broad features, quarrelsome, medium stature, independent, artistic, unjust, proud, disappointed in love, haughty, not rich.
SCORPIO SATURN : Rash, indifferent, hard-hearted, adventurous, petty, self-conceited, reserved, unscrupulous, violent, unhappy, danger from poisons, fire and weapons, wasteful, unhealthy.


The complexion of persons born in Libra or Tula sign will be fair, their stature middle-sized, face broad, eyes fine, chest broad and light, appearance handsome, constitution rather phlegmatic, sensual disposition and keen observation. They have keen foresight and reason out things from the standpoint of their own views. Firm in conviction and unmoved by mean motives they are somewhat susceptible to the feelings of others' minds. They are more idealists than realists or practical men and often contemplate upon schemes like building castles in the air. Libra are not sensitive to what others say to them. But as political leaders and religious reformers they exert tremendous influence over masses and sometimes their zeal and enthusiasm goes to such a high pitch that they force their views upon others of opposite thoughts not realizing the baneful after-effects of such procedure. They love excitement and have the power of intuition upon which they often rely for their own guidance. They are not amenable to reason. Libra are great lovers of music. Libra have a special liking for truth and honesty and do not hesitate to sacrifice even their lives at the alters of freedom and fair play. Domestic life of Libra may be crossed by frequent tensions.

LIBRA SUN : Manufacture of liquors, popular, tactless, base, drunkard, loose morals, arrogant, wicked, frank, submissive, pompous.
LIBRA MOON : Reverence and respect for learned and holy people, saints and gods; tall, raised nose, thin, deformed limbs, sickly constitution, rejected by kinsmen, intelligent, principled, wealthy, business-like, obliging, love for arts, far-seeing idealistic, clever, mutable, amicable, losses through women, loves women, just, not ambitious, aspiring.
LIBRA JUPITER : Handsome, free, open-minded, hasty, attractive, just, courteous, strong, able, exhaustion from over-activity, religious, competent, unassuming, pleasing.
LIBRA MARS : Tall, body symmetrically built, complexion fair and swarthy, ambitious, self-confident, perceptive faculties, materialistic, live for family, self-earned wealth, affable, warlike, foresight, business-like, deceived by women, sanguine temperament, king, gentle, fond of adulation, easily ruffled, boastful.
LIBRA MERCURY :Fair complexion, sanguine disposition, inclination to excesses, perceptive faculties, material tendencies, frugal, agreeable, courteous, philosophical, faithful, ceremonial-minded, sociable, discreet.
LIBRA VENUS : Statesman, poet, intelligent, generous, philosophical, handsome, matrimonial felicity, successful marriage, passionate, proud, respected, intuitive, sensual, wide travels.
LIBRA SATURN : Famous, founder of institutions and the like, rich, tall, fair, self-conceited, handsome, tactful, powerful, respected, sound judgment, antagonistic, independent, proud, prominent, charitable, sub-servient to females.


People born when Kanya or Virgo is rising will exhibit their intelligence and memory when quite young. They will be middle-sized persons and exhibit taste in art and literature. Their chest will be prominent and when afflicted, very weak also. They are discriminating and emotional and are carried away by impulses. As authors, Virgo make real progress especially in Bhouthika Sastras and Rasayan Sastras (Physical and Chemical Sciences) and can judge things at a glance. Virgo love music and fine arts and acquire much power and influence over other people. They are liable to suffer from nervous breakdowns and paralysis when the sign is afflicted. Other combinations warranting Virgo can become great philosophers or writers. They are generally lucky in respect of their wives or husbands.

VIRGO SUN : Linguist, poet, mathematician, taste for literature, well read, scholarly, artistic, good memory, reasoning faculty, effeminate body, frank, lucid comprehension, learned in religious lore, reserved, wanting adulation.
VIRGO MOON : Lovely complexion, almond eyes, modest, sunken shoulders and arms, charming, attractive, principled, affluent, comfortable, soft body, sweet speech, honest; truthful, modest, virtuous, intelligent, phlegmatic, fond of women, acute insight, conceited in self-estimation, pensive, conversationalist, many daughters, loquacious, astrologer and clairvoyant or attracted towards them, skilled in arts like music and dancing, few sons.
VIRGO JUPITER : Middle stature, ambitious, selfish, stoical, resignation, affectionate, fortunate, stingy, lovable, a beautiful wife, great endurance, learned.
VIRGO MARS: Imitable, explosive, trouble in digestive organs, no marital harmony, general love for the fair sex, revengeful, self-confident, conceited, affable, boastful, materialistic, ceremonial-minded, positive, indiscriminative, pretentious, deceptive, scientific enterprises.
VIRGO MERCURY : Learned, virtuous, liberal, fearless, ingenious, handsome, irritable, refined, subtle, intuitive, sociable, no self-control, morbid imaginations, dyspeptic, difficulties, eloquent, author, priest, astronomer.
VIRGO VENUS :Petty-minded, licentious, unscrupulous, unhappy, illicit love, agile, loquacious, rich, learned.
VIRGO SATURN: Dark complexion, malicious, poor, quarrelsome, erratic, narrow-minded, rude, conservative, taste for public life, weak health.


Persons born under Leo or Singh will be majestic in appearance, broad shoulders,and bilious constitution and bold and respectful in appearance. They possess the knack to adapt them to any condition of life. They are rather ambitious and sometimes avaricious too. They are independent thinkers. They stick up to orthodox cal principles in religion but are perfectly tolerant towards to others percepts and practices. Leo are lovers of fine arts and literature and possess a certain amount of philosophical knowledge. They are voracious readers. If the ascendant or the tenth house is afflicted, they may not succeed in life as much as they expect. They put forth much struggle. Their ambitions remain unfulfilled to some extent unless the horoscope has certain definite Raja-yoga's. They are capable of non-attachment and contentment. As Saturn happens to be lord of the 7th, Leo must resist the temptation of yielding much to their wives or husbands if domestic happiness is to prevail.

LEO SUN : Stubborn, fixed views, strong, cruel, independent, organizing capacity and talents for propaganda, humanitarian, frequenting solitary places, generous, famous.
LEO MOON: Bold, irritable, large cheeks, blonde, broad face, brown eyes, repugnant to women, likes meat, frequenting forests and hills, colic troubles, inclined to be unhappy, haughty, mental anxiety, liberal, generous, deformed body, steady, aristocratic, settled views, proud, ambitious.
LEO JUPITER : Commanding appearance, tall, great, easily offended ambitious, active, happy intelligent, wise, prudent, generous broad-minded, literary, harmonious surroundings, likes hills and dales.
LEO MARS : Tall, body symmetrically built, complexion fair and swarthy, ambitious, self-confident, perceptive faculties, materialistic, live for family, self-earned wealth, affable, warlike, foresight, business-like, deceived by women, sanguine temperament, king, gentle, fond of adulation, easily ruffled, boastful.
LEO MERCURY : Few children, wanderer, idiotic, proud, indolent, not fond of women, boastful, orator, good memory, two mothers, poor, early marriage, independent in thinking, impulsive, positive will, remunerative profession, likes traveling.
LEO VENUS : Money through women, pretty wife, wayward, conceited, passionate, fair complexion, emotional, zealous, licentious, attracted by the fair sex, premature in conclusions, superior airs, unvanquished by enemies.
LEO SATURN : Middle stature, severe, obstinate, few sons, stubborn, unfortunate, conflicting, hard worker, good writer evil-minded.


Persons born under Cancer or Karaka have a middle-sized body, face full, nose snubbed to some extent and complexion white. They often have a double chin. They are very intelligent, bright and frugal and equally industrious. Their frugality often takes the form of miserliness. They are sympathetic but moral cowardice will be present. They will be much attached to their children and family. Their extreme sensitiveness renders them nervous and queer. Their minds will be bent upon schemes of trade and manufacture. They often meet with disappointments in marriage and love affairs. They are very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending. Cancer have reputation for love of justice and fair play. Saturn's situation in the ascendant is not desirable.

CANCER SUN : Somewhat harsh, indolent, wealthy, unhappy, constipation, sickly, traveling, independent, expert astrologer.
CANCER MOON : Wise, powerful, charming, influenced by women, wealthy, kind, good, a bit stout, sensitive; impetuous, unprofitable voyages, meditative, much immovable property, scientist, middle stature, prudent, frugal, piercing, conventional.
CANCER JUPITER : Well read, dignified, wealthy, comfortable intelligent, swarthy complexion, inclined to social gossip mathematician faithful.
CANCER MARS : Intelligent, wealthy, rich travels and voyages, wicked perverted, love of agriculture, medical and surgical proficiency, fickle-minded, defective sight, bold, dashing, headlong, speculative unkind, egoistic.
CANCER MERCURY : Witty, likes music, disliked by relations, low stature, speculative, diplomatic, discreet, flexible, restless, sensual though religious, liable to consumption, strong parental love, dislike for chastity.
CANCER VENUS : Melancholy, emotional, timid, more than one wife, haughty, sorrowful, light character, inconsistent, unhappy, many children, sensitive, learned.
CANCER SATURN : Poor, weak teeth, pleasure-seeking, few sons, cheeks full, slow, dull, cunning, rich, selfish, deceitful, malicious, stubborn, devoid of motherly care.


Persons when born in Gemini or Mithuna is rising have a wavering mind, often tall and straight in nature and active in motion, forehead broad, eyes clear and nose, a bit snub. Gemini are active and become experts in mathematical sciences; and mechanical sciences provided Saturn has some strong influence over them. They will be "jack of all trades but master of none". Gemini are vivacious, but liable to be inconstant. They will have sudden nervous breakdowns and must exercise a certain amount of caution in moving with the opposite sex; a habit of self-control must be cultivated. Mind of Gemini will be often conscious of their own faults. Gemini are liable to fraud and deceit will characterize their nature. If evil planets are found in Gemini, trickery and deceit will characterize their nature. Many of these traits can be corrected by training.

GEMINI SUN : Learned, astronomer, scholarly, grammarian, polite, wealthy, critical, assimilative, good conversationalist, shy, reserved, lacking in originality.
GEMINI MOON : Well read, creative, fond of women, learned in scriptures, able, persuasive, curly hair, powerful speaker, clever, witty, dexterous, fond of music, elevated nose, thought reader, subtle, long life.
GEMINI JUPITER : Oratorical ability, tall, well-built, benevolent, pure-hearted, scholarly, sagacious, diplomatic, linguist or poet, elegant, incentive.
GEMINI MARS : Loving family and children, taste in refinement, scientific, middle stature, well built, earned, ambitious, quick, rash, ingenious, skilled in music fearless, tactless, peevish, unhappy, subservient, diplomat, humiliating, detective.
GEMINI MERCURY : Inclination to physical labor, boastful, sweet speech, tall, active, cultured, tactful, dexterous to mothers, indolent, inventive, taste in literature, arts and sciences, winning manners, liable to throat and bronchial troubles, musician, mirthful, studious.
GEMINI VENUS : Rich, gentle, kind, generous, eloquent, proud, respected, gullible, love of fine arts, learned, intelligent, good logician, just, dual marriage, tendencies towards materialism.
GEMINI SATURN: Wandering nature, miserable, untidy, original, thin, subtle, ingenious, strategic, few children, taste for chemical and mechanical sciences, narrow-minded, speculative, logical, desperado.


The stature of the persons born in Taurus or Vrishabha will be medium or short and often inclined towards corpulence, lips thick, complexion swarthy, square face, well-shaped lips and dark hair are prominent features. Women in Taurus are generally handsome. They generally resemble the bull in their behavior toward new people if they are not listened to properly. They have their own principles and ways. Often they have a piercing intellect. They shine well as authors, book dealers and journalists. They are not bound by sentimentality but appreciate truth. They are remarkable for their ability to commit to memory. Physical and mental endurance of Taurus are note-worthy. They have much business sknack and good intuition. They often think they are born to exercise authority over others and in a sense they are right. They are sensitive to physical influences. They are often liable to extremes, zealous and easily accessible to adulteration. They are sensitive to suffer from nervous complaints after their fiftieth year but their memory and powers of imagination will never deceive them. They are slow to anger, but when provoked, furious like the bull. Taurus are passionate and may become preys to sexual diseases in their old age unless they moderate their pleasures and learn to exercise self-control..

TAURUS SUN : Clever, reflective, attracted by perfumes and dealer in them, hated by women, slow to action, musician, self-confident, delicious drinks, happy meals, tactful, original, sociable, intelligent, prominent nose.

TAURUS MOON : Liberal, powerful, happy, ability to command, intelligent, handsome, influential, fond of fair sex, happy in middle life and old age, great strides in life, beautiful gait, large thighs and hips, phlegmatic afflictions, rich patience, respected, love-intrigues, inconsistent, wavering mind, sound judgment, voracious eater and reader, lucky, popular, influenced by women, passionate, indolent.

TAURUS JUPITER : Stately, elegant, self-importance, liberal, dutiful sons, just, sympathetic, well read, creative ability, despotic, healthy, happy marriage, liked by all, inclination to self gratification.
TAURUS MARS : Influenced by women, timid, rough body, stubborn, sensual, liking for magic and sports, somewhat unprincipled, selfish, tyrannical, not soft-hearted, rash, emotional, animal instinct strong sensitive.
TAURUS MERCURY : High position, well built, clever, logical, mental harmony, many children, liberal, persevering, opinionative, wealthy, practicable, friends among women of eminence, inclination to sensual pleasures, well read, showy.
TAURUS VENUS : Well built, handsome, pleasing countenance, independent, sensual, love of nature, fond of pleasure, elegant, taste in dancing and music, voluptuous.
TAURUS SATURAN :Dark complexion, deceitful, successful, powerful, unorthodox, clever, likes solitude, voracious eater, persuasive cool, contagious diseases, many wives, self-restraint, worried nature


Persons born in Aries will have a certain amount of independent thinking and reasoning faculty. Aries will be capable. Aries may not be strict followers of convention. They are lovers of scientific thought and philosophy; have their own ideas of right and wrong and are strongly bent upon educational pursuits. As the Ram rules them, Aries are rather stubborn but often frank, impulsive and courageous. Aries are more gossipers than practical men. They sometimes require a certain amount of cajolery and sycophancy to raise them to action. Aries become pioneers. As Mars is the lord of Aries, they will be martial in spirit. Their constitution will be hot, and they are occasionally subject to hot complaints, piles and the like, and must avoid enterprises obviously involving any serious risks. Aries love beauty, art and elegance. The diseases Aries suffer from will be mostly those of the head and unpleasant sightseeing may often lead to mental affliction and derangement of brain. Their build will be slender and females generally possess fairly perfect contours. One peculiarity is craning the neck.

ARIES SUN : Active, intelligent, famous, traveler, wealthy, warrior, variable fortune, ambitious, phlegmatic, powerful, marked personality, impulsive, irritable, pioneering, initiative.

ARIES MOON : Round eyes, impulsive, fond of travel, irritable, fond of women, vegetable diet, quick to decide and act, haughty, inflexible, sores in the head, dexterous, fickle-minded, war-like, enterprising, good position, self-respect, valiant, ambitious, liable to hydrophobia if the Moon is afflicted, large thighs, popular, restless, idiosyncratic, versatile.

ARIES JUPITER : Love of grandeur, powerful, wealthy, prudent, many children, courteous, generous, firm, sympathetic, happy marriage, patient nature, harmonious, refined, high position.

ARIES MARS : Organizing capacity, commanding, rich, social, scars in the body, sensual, dark, mathematician, rich social, scars in the body, sensual, dark, mathematician, active, powerful, inspiring, pioneering able, states manly, frank, generous, careful not economical in domestic dealings, vague imaginations, combative tendencies, hard-hearted.

ARIES MERCURY : Evil-minded, middle stature, obstinate, clever, social, great endurance, materialistic tendencies, unscrupulous, wavering mind, antagonistic, fond of speculation, impulsive, greedy, dangerous connections, deceitful, swerving from rectitude .

ARIES VENUS : Extravagant, active, mutable, artistic, dreamy, idealist, proficient in fine arts, licentious, sorrowful, fickle-minded, prudent, unhappy, irreligious, easy going, loss of wealth due to loose life.

ARIES SATURN : Idiotic, wanderer, insincere, peevish, resentful, cruel, fraudulent, immoral, boastful, quarrelsome, gloomy, mischievous, perverse, misunderstanding nature .

What is Astrology

Astrology literally means the "study of the stars". It tries to find a rules in the positions and movements of the starts in the sky and correlates it to the life on Earth. It is a geocentric study, meaning that the studied movements are in fact relative to the Earth. Indeed, the movement of Earth makes the stars move in a certain way in the sky. Astrology is the study of these movements. It is a very old science coming from the beginning of humanity. Since men were able to watch the sky, they tried to find sequences in it. After many generations, astrology evolved and found many sequences and cycles in the movement of the stars in the sky. All of the great civilizations of the past were really involved in astrology and calculated many cycles that we just discover years ago. The civilization of Indus in India for example calculated the time the Sun takes to go around the center of the galaxy. Another example is the Mayan calendar which is the most accurate and most complete calendar of the world. These two findings date from some thousand years ago or more. Only some centuries ago, astrology was replaced by astronomy because many people considered astrology as superstition. Indeed, astrology being more than the study of the cycles in the sky tries also to find a correlation between these movements and the life on Earth. In a certain way, astrology is also the study of life. Or we could say that astrology has influences in all aspect of life and thus all other sciences.

Many people believe that according to astrology, the stars and planets act on us with a certain invisible force. Gravity isn't enough powerful to explain the influence of stars. Some ten years ago, some Russian scientists found a beginning of explanation about astrology and its influences on life. It is a fact that the TV affects our mind by projecting electromagnetic waves and thus forces on our body. Most of people agree that a too long exposure on front of a TV screen make us feel tired. It is indeed proved that electromagnetic waves act on our brain an make it follow the frequency of these electromagnetic waves. Emitting low electromagnetic waves (relatively to the normal frequency of our brain) on our brain make us feel tired and inversely, high electromagnetic waves make us feel angry. Planets and stars emit a lot of electromagnetic waves which hit Earth every second. Thus planets and stars affect our brain every second. Each different formations of planet (known in astrology as conjunction, opposition, etc...) act differently. According to the Russian scientists, planets act as amplifiers depending of their formations. Electromagnetic waves coming from the stars (constellation) are influenced by the planets configuration which can act as amplifiers or any other possible filters. Furthermore, a biological study showed that at the time of birth, the brain lock on a specific electromagnetic pattern (we could say personality). It correlates perfectly with the astrological idea that personality is defined by the stars and planets configuration at birth!

Zodiac Compatibility: Leo

With a birth date that falls between July 23rd and August 22nd, you will be associated with the astrological sign of Leo the lion, who is known for their generosity, warmth, creativity, enthusiasm, as well as faithfulness. Who will be attracted to all of these qualities and be able to put up with the bossiness, impatient and interfering characteristics that this zodiac sign brings.

When it comes to loving someone with the same sign as you, Leos create a long-lasting relationship with one another. Some may even view them as the perfect couple. They are passionate towards one another, as well as romantic. When it comes to handling business, they may bump heads a bit because they both want to be in control. With a little compromise, a great union can be achieved. A nice relationship can also be cultivated between a Leo and an Aries, who are well-suited for one another.

A Leo and a Taurus may face many obstacles because they both possess many different moods for the other to deal with. Leo tends to have less patience with Taurus, who may grow more pigheaded. Leo also spends too much money for Taurus’s tastes. When a Leo and a Gemini get together, the sparks will fly right off the bat. They will also share a liking for social events, parties, as well as the company of their friends. But when Leo becomes too jealous, Gemini may feel turned off. If Gemini can keep their cool throughout the relationship; they may have a chance.

When a Leo and a Cancer strike up a conversation, they may find that they both are romantics at heart. Leo tends to look for am exciting partnership, where Cancer wants to get the most out of it and feel satisfied. Cancer will prefer staying at home to the Leo, who likes to romp about. There is a 50/50% chance of survival between these two. A match between a Leo and a Virgo is not recommended. They will be at odds with one another on a variety of topics.

When it comes to a Leo and a Libra, they will both exhibit behavior to grab the other’s attention. This can either cause problems or fuel the fire in the bedroom (which is a good thing!) In this relationship, it is Leo who insists on wearing the pants. Making sweet music in the bedroom comes naturally for a Leo and a Scorpio, who display great sexual attraction between one another. But sadly, a relationship cannot solely be based on sex and Scorpios temperamental ways and Leo’s flashy ways will clash.

There are numerous qualities that a Leo and a Sagittarius will find in one another. Sagittarius is fun loving, while Leo is open to new things. They both will enjoy making friends together and the passion rarely dies out. In this relationship, Leo will be a leader, while Sagittarius remains faithful. A rocky road can be seen for the future of Leo and a Capricorn mate. They will both be unable to fulfill one another’s wishes inside and outside of the bedroom. When a Leo and an Aquarius get together, they will feel for one another at first. When Aquarius starts to play the critical eye, this is when Leo wants to head for the hills. Although they like to meet new people and socialize, they may irritate each other in their approaches. For a match between Leo and Pisces, it tends not to work because the Leo is too wild for the Pisces to tame and Pisces’ life seems too sheltered for the rambunctious lion

Zodiac Compatibility: Libra

When it comes to the zodiac sign, Libra, who will make the perfect match when it comes to love and relationships? Will it be the adventurous Sagittarius that will swift Libra off of their feet or the sensual Leo, who may motivate Libra in the bedroom?

For starters, a Libra and an Aries will experience an immediate attraction to one another, but there is a downside to all of the butterflies in the stomach. Tension will begin to rear its ugly head. Libra tends to look for peace and harmony, while Aries may be a little more aggressive in getting what they want. Physical sparks may fly, but they will soon fizzle when mismatching personalities clash.

When Libra and a Taurus look towards one another for companionship, they will share an interest in the arts and music. The social butterfly in Libra will soon float away from the Taurus, who prefers to stay at home. When it comes to a Libra and a Cancer, the criticism that Cancer tends to throw at others will disturb Libra, which annoys Cancer with their shallowness. Cancer tends to value money, where Libra wants to spend, spend, spend. Libra wants to socialize, while Cancer wants to stay at home most of the time.

For a nice match, a Libra should look for a partner in a Gemini. They both share characteristics, such as curiosity, energy, as well as affection. The relationship will be full of love and fun. Another positive bond built between the two consists of trust, where possessiveness and jealousy does not hamper their progress. They will also be able to enjoy long talks between one another, leading to numerous discussions regarding everyday life.

Can the scales and the lion get along? A Libra and a Leo match will enjoy each other’s playful spirit and energy. Libra will feel motivated in the bedroom by Leo’s sensuality. Conflicts are settled between one another by compromise and together; the two of them will enjoy one another, party, as well as build a home together. A short romance will evolve between a Virgo and a Libra. Virgo will feel threatened by the playful affection that Libra displays when all they want to do is be serious with the relationship. They will not give into the cutesy part of love. Virgo also prefers the homelife to the social scene that Virgo enjoys.

Do like minds think and love alike in the case of a Libra with a Libra? When working to see what the other enjoys, this relationship may last. They will share an interest in some of the same things, as well as enjoy making each other happy in the bedroom. As for a Libra and a Scorpio, Libra will find an attraction in the pursuits of a Scorpio, but soon they will find fault in the moody, angry tendencies that Scorpio will soon display.

Libra and Sagittarius hookups are fueled by the eager, adventurous Sag, while the Sagittarius will be attracted to the affection that Libra displays. Scorpio may feel pressured by Libra’s desire to settle down, but this is a minor problem that can easily be solved. There are many similarities that these two can build from. But when it comes to a Libra and a Capricorn, the only thing they will find in common is their interest in sexual adventures.

As for Libra and Aquarius, these two will enjoy a nice life together, filled with love and understanding. Their bedroom activities are enjoyable, adding more spice to a strong friendship. The relationship between a Libra and a Pisces may lead to a roller coaster ride. At first, the union will seem fine because they will have a lot of qualities in common. Libra may find they often have to take the lead in the relationship, which can cause a strain between the two. Pisces may feel neglected throughout the relationship, which also causes riffs between the two.

Zodiac Compatibility: Pisces

Born between the dates of February 20th to March 20th and you belong to the Pisces sign, which is represented by two fish. It is said that this last zodiac sign encompasses characteristics of all the other zodiac signs, so there shouldn’t be any trouble finding this individual a love match, right? It will have to be someone who admires the imagination, sensitivity, compassion, kindness and intuitiveness of the Pisces, while coping with the secretive, vague and often weak-will of the individual as well.

A nice relationship can be formulated between a Pisces and an Aries when both parties are willing to work at it. The sensuality of the Pisces works well with the variety that Aries brings to the table. Aries will be attracted to the affection and attention that Pisces shows their lovers. Aries serves as a protector to Pisces, but he or she will find fault in Aries’ quickness to criticize. Another pair that will progress with a little work is the union between a Pisces and a Taurus. The strength and authority that Taurus provides impresses Pisces. They also share artistic and creative skills. The only problem the two will face tends to be the practicality of Taurus bumping heads with the romantic Pisces.

Can a Pisces love another Pisces? The sparks fly in the bedroom, but neither one of the partners involved can give the other what they need. A good match for sex and nothing more can be achieved. A relationship that will fizzle can be seen between the Gemini and Pisces. The wit of the Gemini is attractive to the Pisces, who displays a certain mystery that sends Gemini searching for the answers. But Gemini is fickle and doesn’t think much, which drives Pisces crazy. Gemini also dislikes the dreaminess of Pisces. Pisces doesn’t showcase any direction and Gemini is all over the place.

A Pisces and a Cancer brings out the best (sexually) in each other. Within one another, passion, sensitivity and tenderness can be achieved. Cancer will make most of the decisions within the relationship, where Pisces boosts the ego. These two will find a satisfying homelife within one another, making them quite a pair, unlike a Pisces and a Leo, which are too opposite for one another to stand.

When a Virgo and a Pisces hook up, affection can be found between the two, but the differences that they possess will soon draw them apart. For a relationship filled with fun, a Pisces should seek out a Libra, who shares the same affection, creativity and artsiness with the Pisces. But Libra cannot give the emotional support that Pisces craves. Libra tends to run away from responsibility. A long-term relationship usually does not last.

One of the best unions for a Pisces is one with a Scorpio, who will bring excitement, sensuality and deepness to the pot. Pisces will find the emotional support, strength, as well as someone to lead the way in a Scorpio. A special bond can be created between these two. The only bond that Pisces will find with a Sagittarius is the one between the sheets. And the magic stops there.

For a case of opposites attracting and working with one another, a Pisces will find comfort with a Capricorn. The strength and dominance of the Capricorn’s personality is something that Pisces seeks. Pisces will bring romance to Capricorn’s life, as well as an affection that is lapped up. They both possess qualities that work well with the others’. As for the Aquarius and Pisces, the sex will be pleasant and fun, but the relationship on the whole will be plagued by the freedom-hungry Aquarius and Pisces the homebody.

Zodiac Compatibility: Scorpio

Born between October 24th and November 22nd and you will be attached to the zodiac sign of Scorpio, who is represented by the scorpion. So, what are some of the characteristics that make up this type of individual? For starters, some of the favorable attributes of this sign include determination, forcefulness, power, passion, excitement, as well as intuition. On the other side of coin, Scorpios can be jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, as well as secretive.

So, can a Scorpio and another Scorpio get along in a relationship? There will be tons of sparks in the bedroom, but the ability to see the others point of view is clouded by being so alike in character. Their jealous tendencies will also drive the other away. This relationship will continuously suffer ups and downs.

Between a Scorpio and an Aries, the first days, weeks, months of the relationship will experience smooth sailing, but soon the attraction will fizzle because both lovers will be selfish, as well as possess a desire to make all of the decisions. This is also true with a union between a Scorpio and a Taurus. The bedroom will play an important role within the relationship, but the two of them have little else in common with one another outside of the bedroom.

As for a relationship between a Scorpio and a Gemini, there are characteristics within both that stir up an initial attraction, but the Scorpio is known to require a totally committed relationship and will be turned off by Gemini’s tendencies to quickly change their mind. As Scorpio inches their way towards controlling the relationship. Gemini may look for a way out.

As the saying goes “two peas in a pod,” they must have had the union between a Scorpio and a Cancer in mind. Although they are two jealous individuals, the sparks in the bedroom help to distract their wandering mind. The strength and protection that Scorpio offers Cancer is complemented by the affection and love that the Cancer returns.

A strong, passionate affair, dotted with temper flare-ups can be found between a Scorpio and a Leo. It is up to the individuals to find a common ground. As for the Scorpio and a Virgo romance, the forecast is better, where their two personalities can live with one another. Strong commitments and loyalty can be achieved between these two. The Scorpio is too touchy to have anything long-lasting with the Libra that can be perceived as a constant flirt.

When a Scorpio and a Sagittarius get together, it takes a considerable amount of effort to make it work. The Scorpio tends to prefer the Sagittarius to stay at the home, while the Sagittarius has other plans in mind. The jealousy continues to grow from there. This is also true between a Scorpio and Aquarius relationship. A pleasant relationship can be achieved between a Scorpio and a Capricorn, where emotions run warm and passions erupt. The two individuals are also ambitious and determined, as well as take on responsibility with no problem. The Scorpio and Pisces relationship also offers a sense of comfort between one another that extends to the bedroom, as well as in other areas.

Zodiac Compatibility: Sagittarius

Represented by the archer, the zodiac sign of the Sagittarius represents individuals, who are born from November 23rd to December 21st. Traits that are associated with this sign include a love of freedom, optimism, humor, honesty, as well as intellect. Negative tendencies include carelessness, irresponsibility, as well as restlessness. So, who can deal with all of that?

Well, it for sure isn’t a Taurus, who prefers to be in charge of the uncontrollable Sagittarius. Sagittarians crave change and seek out adventure, while the Taurus tends to stick close to home and doesn’t quite like to try new things. The two will wear on each other’s nerves until tempers flare. A relationship with an Aries on the other hand may lead to a long-lasting relationship, where similarities are shared in sexual styles, love for the outdoors and a shared outgoingness. When disagreements arise, these two can quickly mend fences.

A Sagittarius and a Gemini are both restless creatures, who love adventure and to use their imagination. It is surprising to see that these signs are actually opposites, who may bump heads with the Sagittarius outspokenness and the teasing of the Gemini. Outside influences may pull these two apart. When looking for a great friend, a Sagittarius may find a Cancer the perfect candidate, as is the same with a Pisces, who will not be able to give what the Sagittarius desires within a relationship, but may prove to be a good buddy.

An exciting union could be built between a Sagittarius and a Leo, where the love life is definitely something to brag about. This couple will enjoy traveling, making new friends, as well as being in each other’s presence. Both know how to give each other space, which makes this pair a good bet. As for a

Sagittarius and a Virgo, a relationship may be short-lived. Virgo is too indecisive for the Sagittarius, who is guided by a desire for freedom. The Virgo also seeks a long-term commitment, which may turn off the roaming Sagittarius.

Sexual satisfaction can be found in a match between a Sagittarius and a Libra. The only differences the two will question are the homey characteristics of the Libra and the outdoor/adventure type that the Sagittarius tends to be. When looking at a relationship between a Sagittarius and a Scorpio, you will find that it will be quite difficult to overcome the differences between the two. Scorpio tends to keep in their feelings, while the Sagittarius is quite outspoken. Scorpio tends to also become jealous of the free-spirited Sagittarius. The relationship in the bedroom doesn’t get any better.

When a Sagittarius and another Sagittarius share an attraction between one another, the unpredictability of the two may pose a problem within a relationship. For a Sagittarius and a Capricorn, they both display different approaches in life. Capricorn may be a little slower to the end result, while a Sagittarius tends to be a bit more impulsive in choices. As for a Sagittarius and an Aquarius, the two share similar approaches to life and will share a bond in life, as well as in love that could last a lifetime.

Zodiac Compatibility: Virgo

Born between August 23d and September 23rd, you will be associated with the Virgin, which is the symbol for the Virgo zodiac sign. Traditional favorable traits that tend to apply to these individuals include modesty, shyness, reliability, practicality, diligence, as well as intelligence. On the other side of the coin, Virgos can be fussy, overcritical, harsh, as well as worry too much. So, who will fall in love and make it work with this zodiac sign?

Can Virgos love one another? It is said that Virgos can enjoy a nice relationship with other Virgos, as long as they don’t let their perfectionism get in the way of their union by finding fault in everything that they do. It seems that the couple’s best attributes come shining through with one another. They share each other’s sensitivity, responsibility, as well as intelligence. In the bedroom, talking takes place over any real action, but overall, their commonalities strengthen their relationship.

As for the union between a Virgo and an Aries, the nagging of the Virgo clashes with the impulsive and wild Aries. The two will also share a difficulty regarding communication. For a relationship with more potential, a Virgo should gravitate towards a Taurus, who shares with the Virgo the need for a secure future, as well as a respect for the household, as well as money.

Intellectuality is the main draw between a Virgo and a Gemini. They both share minds that are constantly churning out new ideas. This is the extent of what they have in common. The Gemini may prove to be too impulsive for the Virgo, while the dominant nature of the Virgo may repel the Gemini into the arms of another. There are advantages, as well as disadvantages to beginning a relationship with a Cancer if you are a Virgo. The love department may be fine, but certain qualities in both will cause issues, such as being too critical. On the plus side, each of them will stimulate hidden qualities to emerge.

When a Virgo begins a love match with a Leo, it is sure to hit a short and bumpy road. For example, the Virgo tends to be passive and reserved, which irritates the Leo. Arguments brew and the rest is history. Plus, money matters become an issue, as well as the concept of freedom within a relationship. Another match to avoid is one between a Virgo and a Libra. The Libra tends to spend money, party, as well as loves being the life of the party. This is different from the way the critical Virgo lives life, often leading the Libra to feel a lack of love.

When it comes to a Scorpio and a Virgo match, there are many factors that contribute to this union. The sensuality of the Scorpio rubs off on the more reserved Virgo. Virgo receives a sense of love and protection from the loyal Scorpio. Although they possess complementary qualities, they will both experience trouble expressing their feelings, as well as deciding on who should run things in the relationship. The hardworking Virgo and the free spirit of a Sagittarius will not make the perfect match due to a lack of anything in common.

Combining Virgo’s strive for perfection and Capricorn’s ambition; this love match has the potential to last. That’s more than can be said for a Virgo and an Aquarius. These two find fault in each other’s ambitions and personal goals. A friendship, let alone a love connection is hard to come by between these two. As for a Virgo and a Pisces, the beginning of a relationship may seem fine, but a turn for the worse occurs when sexual preferences clash.

Zodiac Compatibility: Capricorn

If you are born between the dates of December 22nd to January 20th, you were born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is represented by the goat. Before we get to the sort of zodiac signs that would make the best love matches for a Capricorn, you should get to know some of the traits associated with this sign. Capricorns usually exhibit practicality and prudence, as well as a high level of discipline. Capricorns tend to be ambitious, patient, careful, as well as usually have the ability to make others laugh. Negative traits associated with a Capricorn are pessimism, being miserly, as well as holding a grudge for a long time. So, who can keep up with these types of individuals?

First, can Capricorns fall in love with other Capricorns? The answer is they display high compatibility, but this does not necessary mean that the relationship will last. The couple will share a mutual respect for one another and they will be able to work hard together and earn enough to live a full life, but the two of them may be a bit uptight and the union may not much fun.

A long-term relationship is not in the future for a Capricorn and an Aries. The sparks may fly in the bedroom, but the constant arguing over money, social lives, friendships, as well as who’s in charge will weaken the bond. The impulsiveness of the Aries will often bump heads with the strong-willed and aggressive Capricorn.

When looking for a strong match, a Capricorn and a Taurus is a good union. Both of the partners will find qualities in the other that is pleasing. Both of them share traits, such as passion, earthiness, sensuality and loyalty. They also both respect the value of money and security, while choosing home over all else. When it comes to a relationship between a Capricorn and a Gemini, the lack of sentimentality may lead to its demise. A good pairing could occur between a Capricorn and a Virgo, combining traits, such as neatness, order, self-discipline, as well as the drive for hard work. Both will choose their home life over a life filled with many friends and outings. The only mismatch they may find is within the bedroom, which can easily be worked on with time. Unlike this union, a relationship between a Capricorn and Libra is not recommended. The excitement-thirsty Libra may stray from the disciplined Capricorn.

A deep sexual attraction can be felt between a Capricorn and a Cancer, but the Capricorn may prove a little too controlling for the Cancer, who displays sensitive characteristics. The impulsiveness of a Leo is a hard thing to swallow for the Capricorn, who usually pushes for organization and order. Monetary issues, as well as problems in the bedroom may lead to a short relationship.

Possible love matches can be found between a Capricorn and a Scorpio, but a stronger bond can be created between a Capricorn and a Pisces. The Pisces admires the grounded qualities of the Capricorn, while the hidden passions of the Capricorn can be awakened by the uniqueness of the Pisces. The loyal Capricorn will also make the Pisces feel safe and protected.

A blooming relationship between a Capricorn and a Sagittarius may soon wilt due to a clash between a lack of loyalty and fickleness. A loving friendship can develop between a Capricorn and an Aquarius, mixing self-discipline and self-expression.

Zodiac Compatibility: Aries

Traditionally, when it comes to an Aries, they are known for being adventurous, courageous, confident, as well as full of energy. So which zodiac sign can create a love match with the Aries, who also displays a selfish, quick-tempered, impatient and impulsive attitude?

Can two Aries enjoy a long-lasting, satisfying relationship with one another? The union will be filled with passion, but both will fight to be in the dominant position of the relationship. This will create heated debates, as well as intense competition. It is recommended to have outside interests and hobbies to keep one another busy so that the focus of their competitiveness is directed to areas away from the household and bedroom.

When an Aries and a Taurus get together, the two will share a relationship filled with sensuality. The Aries may demand a bit more spice in the lovemaking department, but there will definitely not be a lack of the romance. These two may bump heads when the Taurus prefers to stay at home and the Aries would rather tackle impulsive adventures. In the finance department, Aries may spend the money quicker than the hardworking Taurus can make it.

For a talkative relationship, an Aries should seek out a Gemini, which are both not at a loss for words. The lovers will share the desire to try new things and be on the move, which makes this one of the best matches for this sign. Unlike this match, an Aries and a Leo will be at odds, both attempting to lead the relationship. The romance will be thick, which helps to keep the two together. If both are willing to compromise a bit, the union may last.

When an Aries and a Cancer get together, the beginning smells like roses, driven by a shared sexual attraction between one another. Soon the scent of soured milk can be detected as the impulsive Aries and cautious Cancer begin to clash. Another match that is a no-go is between an Aries and a Virgo. The Virgo is too shy, while the Aries presents a bold attitude. They share different views on many subjects, including lovemaking. These two are in for a ton of fights.

In the beginning, an Aries and a Libra may hit it off, but the two opposites soon start to pull apart, making this a great short-term romp rather than a long-term commitment. A strong relationship cannot solely be based upon partying and socializing.

When looking for a sexual match, an Aries may consider a relationship with either a Scorpio or an Aquarius. For a near perfect match, a relationship with a Sagittarius may be just what an Aries needs. They both will share the same temperament, as well as enjoy activity and spontaneity. These lovers will enjoy one another’s company, as well as keep each other in stitches.

Money issues and temperament may become an issue when an Aries attempts a relationship with a Capricorn, but sometimes a long-lasting union can be achieved. The differences in the personalities between an Aries and a Pisces may add to a decent relationship.

Zodiac Compatibility: Taurus

Can a Taurus get along well with another Taurus? Do Leos and Taurus make a roaring match? Which zodiac creates the best sex match with a Taurus? These questions and more can be found in this article, which explores the compatibility of the zodiac sign, Taurus.

Like minds sometimes do not make a harmonious match, which is the case when a Taurus and a Taurus begin a relationship. Since a Taurus tends to be more of a homebody, the prospect of adventure between two lovers with this sign is slim to none. The sex may be great, but the possessiveness that both harbors may create rifts throughout the union. Financially, the couple will prosper since both should be hardworking, loyal, as well as fond of money. The main cause of a breakup may be the boredom that sets in between the two.

When a Taurus and an Aries get together, they may enjoy a fun relationship due to the emotions an Aries displays and the sensuality of the Taurus. Sparks may fly when the Taurus partner becomes a bit possessive, clashing with the spunky Aries. Money may become an issue as well, where Taurus prefers to save while the Aries prefers to spend.

When a Taurus falls in love with a Gemini, they will find differences within their temperaments. Tauruses are hard to change, therefore what may seem great at first to the Gemini, may soon turn into a turn-off in the long run. The habits of a Taurus may drive away the Gemini, who tends to like new things and change. As for a Taurus and a Cancer, the match may be a bit on target. Both lovers enjoy being at home and have no trouble expressing themselves within the bedroom. Money issues will not arise and overall, the two share similar hobbies, interests and needs.

For a relationship driven by competition and conflict, a Taurus should seek out a Leo mate. The needs of both partners are left unmet, eventually leading to a broken union. But if it is instant love that a Taurus seeks, a Virgo is the perfect mate. Intellectually, they are a match, as well as share a love of the home life. Financial issues between the two are nonexistent. These two will have the most in common.

As for a Taurus and a Libra, the romance may fizzle before it gets to a good start. Issues regarding money matters, possessiveness and sex may arise. Opposites sometimes attract, but do not last as long, which is the case between a Taurus and a Scorpio. Neither one of the lovers possess the will to keep working on their faults to make the relationship last.

If Taurus can tame the wild Sagittarius, a long relationship may exist. The easygoing Sagittarius may drive the Taurus crazy. The union may produce a ton of fun times, dotted with sessions of fighting and disagreement. It depends on how bad you want it to last when it comes to these two. A romance filled with sex is in the future for a Taurus and a Capricorn. These two share some of the same interests, including finances, friends, as well as security. The relationship may last for the long haul.

For a Taurus and an Aquarius, there is too much to deal with to work towards a healthy relationship. As for a Taurus and a Pisces, the hardworking Taurus may motivate the slower moving Pisces. In the love department, a Taurus is a loyal lover, while the Pisces will adore their mate. Passion is given from the Taurus and sensuality oozes from the Pisces.

Vedic Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is that branch of Astrology dealing with Health. The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are linked to the Twelve Limbs of the body. The Ascendant rules the Head and the 12th House, the Feet.

The Law of Correspondences of Classical Philosophy has another term " The Doctrine of Signatures". This doctrine states that objects - animate and inanimate - are governed by planets and Classical Astrology has taken this concept beyond " The Law of Cause and Effect " and has defined it as Archetypal or Psychological.
Reflections of the intrinsic qualities of the planets can be seen in people, plants, animals & minerals. All that we see, touch, consume & harvest has a correspondence. By knowing our own planetary signature, we can consume those materials which correspond to our planetary signature and thus a healthy balance can be maintained. ( In my horoscope, Jupiter is posited in Cancer and hence powerful in positional as well as directional strength. If I am afflicted by any sort of disease, the escape route is the Jupiterian Way - viz consuming more vegetables and fruits, as he rules fruits and vegetables. If I do that, I will be implementing what the Great Seers said long ago " Naturopathic food is medicine and medicine is food " )!
Since the Zodiacal Signs represent the Five Elements ( Ether , Fire, Air, Earth & Water ), the ancient astrological savants assigned everything in the Universe to a planetary ruler, and considered all as the manifestation of the Elemental Five and their respective qualities - hot and dry, cold and dry, hot and humid , cold and humid. Jupiter rules "Kapha" and the Sun "Pitta' ( the three humors of Ayurveda ). These elements were understood in a physical & metaphysical sense, as per the principle " As Above, So Below ". Many body constitutions are defined in Ayurveda. The Phlegmatic ( predominance of Kapha), the Bilious ( preponderance of Pitta ) & the Windy ( predominance of Vata ). There are 4 types of Body Constitution in Western Holistic Medicine - Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric and Melancholic.
Ayurvedic Therapy

The Seven Planets correspond to the Three humours ( Doshas ) in Ayurveda

In the Ayurvedic Model, the Seven Revolving Heavens are classified thus ( Vatam Pittayutha Karothi Dinakrith)

Jupiter Kapha
Sun Pitta
Moon Vata & Kapha
Mars Pitta
Mercury Pitta, Vata & Kapha
Venus Vata & Kapha
Saturn Vata

The seven planets correspond to the Seven Gross Tissue- elements ( dhatus) thus

Jupiter Fat
Saturn Veins
Mars Bone Marrow
Sun Bones
Moon Blood
Mercury Skin
Venus Seminal Energy

By analysing the horoscope, the astrologer can discern the badly placed planet and the corresponding Dhatu which has caused the problem and can prescribe Ayurvedic remedial measures ( " Dushthithasyadi Dhatustho Rogeenam Roga Eeryatham " )

Medical Astrology's perspective about the 12 Houses of the Zodiac

House Organ
Ist House Head
2nd House Face
Third House Throat
Fourth House Heart
Fifth House Place beneath the heart
Sixth House Stomach
Seventh House Generative Organ
Eighth House Upper Thigh
Ninth House Thigh
Tenth House Knee
Eleventh House Calf
Twelfth House Feet
If the 6 H is afflicted, there can be digestive tract disorders. Natural malefics in the 6 H may create hyperacidity and gas trouble. Affliction either to the 7th house means disorders of the digestive tract, hyperacidity and gas trouble ( Papa Saptamagah Tadodara Ruja ). The same holds good for the 6 H ( Papa Shashtagatha Tadodararuja ). If the 6 H or the 7 H is afflicted, one should be very careful about the body's acidity level. The body's PH value should be kept at 7. Anything less than 7 is dangerous. The 80% alkaline nature of the body should be kept up & acidity should not be above 20%. The best foods to be taken are Vedic Foods, which are low acidity, low cholesterol diet.The Acidity- Alkalinity ratio should be kept at 80% -20%. That ratio can be maintained if you consume 100 grams fruits and 300 grams vegetables daily and avoid non-natural food. Natural foods are alkaline and non-veg basically acidic. From experience, it can be discerned that not only malefic planets bring in problems from enemies, but also problems to the stomach ( Pape Shashtopagathe Vrina Bhayaschora Satru Peeda Cha ).

If the 12 H is afflicted by malefic planets, there can be affliction to the feet. We have seen many a patient suffering from 12 H affliction and which manifests as problems on the feet.

Similarly, 4 H affliction means trouble to the Heart. I knew one patient with heart problem who had the North Node in the Fourth. He had a heart surgery. The North Node in the Heart region in the horoscope had effectuated this problem.

There are some astrologers who take this from the Horoscope of the Cosmic Man, that is from His Ascendant Aries. This method also yields results but from our experience, we follow the dictum of Natal Astrology that it is the Ascendant of the native which is the head and the Descendant the stomach region. I know many an astrologer who follow this from Aries Asc & if a malefic is posited in Virgo, in the 6 H of the Kalapurusha ( Cosmic Man ), he predicts stomach problems for the native. ( Kalanarasya Avayavath Purushanam Kalpayeth ). Or if a malefic is posited in Taurus, he predicts wounds on the face for the native.

Affliction to any house indicates affliction to the corresponding part of the body. North Node - or any other malefic - in the Sixth is indicative of stomach trouble & ulceration. Fourth house affliction means that the heart is afflicted and first house affliction means that the head is afflicted. ( Pape Lagnagathe Parajaya Bhaya Siroruja )

The planets correspond to the different systems of Man thus

Sun The Bone System
Moon The Circulatory System
Mars The Muscular System
Mercury The Veins
Venus The Reproductive System
Jupiter The Digestive System
Saturn The Excretory System

From experience, Vedic Medical Astrology is found to be very accurate. In my father's horoscope, he had a specific yoga for Arthritis with Jupiter in Libra Asc and Saturn in Aries. My mother has Saturn in the 12 H; she has a problem in the leg. My co-brother has Mars in the 12 H; he is suffering from some nerve problem on the feet. I personally have the North Node in the 6 H and I have hyperacidity and gas trouble ( Papa Shashtagatha Tadodararuja ) !

Ayurvedic Gem Therapy

The following stones are prescribed in Ayurveda for specific disorders

Cancer Emerald
Allergy Hessonite
Skin Diseases Cat’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli
Insomnia Pearl
Paralysis Amethyst
Nervous Blue Sapphire
Rheumatism Blue Sapphire, Ruby
Arthritis Blue Sapphire
Impotence Topaz Coral
Diabetes White Coral, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz
Liver problems Coral
Jaundice Coral, Emerald, Topaz
Hyperacidity Hessonite
Gastric Ulcer Blue Sapphire
Flatulence Jade, Lapis Lazuli
Dyspepsia Jade
Dysentry Emerald
Colic Cat’s Eye
Cholera Cat’s Eye, Topaz
Abdominal Complaints Emerald
Heart Troubles Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli
Penumonia Diamond
Palpitation Topaz
Tuberculosis Blue Sapphire
Chest Pain Emerald, Ruby