Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saggitarious- Seduction by the Sign

You & Your Sagittarius

Do ...
... keep the bright, happy side of your personality showing. Your Sagittarius will
set the example, displaying an ever cheerful and optimistic nature.

... give your Sagittarius the emotional and physical freedom that they need.

... listen up -- they will teach you how to obtain and treasure that freedom in your
own life.

... keep a travel kit complete with a few essential outfits and toiletries packed at
all times. Your Sag will whisk you away at a moment's notice to secluded spots or
exotic destinations.

... appreciate a good practical joke, a roller coaster ride or a hike through a
national forest. Your Sagittarius will introduce you to all these diversions and

... be enthusiastic, energetic and ever ready for adventure.

... enjoy all sides of the relationship -- Sagittarius can be your playmate, your
inspiration and your best friend.

Don't ...

... subject your Sag to the darker, more negative side of your personality. The
Archer needs to see the positive side of life, even if it means ignoring your

... tell a Sag that you're right and they're wrong. They like to feel that they have
the best answer to any question or situation.

... try to keep your Sagittarius in a small, confined area, no matter how plush it
is. They will feel cramped or caged and will need to escape.

... turn a blind eye to the Sagittarian fondness for betting. Some Sagittarians can't
restrain themselves when it comes to the tables, the sports book or gambling in

... be impatient with the relationship -- if you expect declarations or
demonstrations of eternal love, your patience may be tested. Sagittarians are
independent, and will likely not fall in love quickly or demonstrate it too